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pictorial magazine, Canadian Geographic, Winnipeg Free Press, Devoir, conservative views

In 1996 Canada had 107 daily newspapers, with an aggregate daily circulation of 4.7 million copies. Some 70 percent of the total circulation was owned by five large corporations, four of which operate internationally. Widely read newspapers include the Calgary Herald and the Edmonton Journal, published in Alberta; the Province and the Vancouver Sun in British Columbia; the Winnipeg Free Press in Manitoba; the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the Toronto Sun in Ontario; the Halifax Chronicle-Herald in Nova Scotia; and Le Devoir, the Gazette, La Presse, and Le Journal de Montreal in Quebec. Of these, only the Globe and Mail is regularly distributed nationally.

The political orientation of these newspapers ranges from conservative to liberal. For example, in Toronto, the city with the largest circulation, the Sun has conservative views, while the Globe and Mail generally is seen as liberal on social issues but conservative on financial ones, and the Star is liberal on most issues.

The country is also served by many other publications, including Maclean’s, a weekly news magazine; Chatelaine, a women’s journal published in English and French; and the Canadian Geographic, a pictorial magazine about places and people in Canada.

Most mail is transported and delivered throughout the country by Canada Post, a public corporation. However, there are also private postal services and a number of private courier companies.

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