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Independence, Crisis in Spain

central authority, viceroy, revolt, final steps, independence

The immediate crisis that moved Mexico to take the final steps toward independence came as a result of the Napoleonic invasion of Spain. In 1808 French troops of Napoleon I flooded into Spain, and the Spanish royal family was lured to France, where it passed the Spanish crown into Napoleonís hands. He then gave it to his brother. The people of Madrid began a revolt that spread throughout Spain.

With central authority in Spain weakened, the leaders of New Spain began to quarrel among themselves. The viceroy, under pressure from influential criollos, permitted some criollos to participate in the administration. A small group of peninsulares objected to the viceroy allowing the criollos to have more influence. The peninsulares staged a coup díetat and overthrew the viceregal government.

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central authority, viceroy, revolt, final steps, independence, brother, result, France, influence, Mexico, pressure, administration, Spanish royal family


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