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The Atlantic Northeast, Population

urbanites, port cities, Glens, Bangor, populace

There are no large cities in the region. Urban centers include Bangor, Maine; Burlington, Vermont; and Glens Falls, New York. The region prides itself on its small hamlets and villages. The Atlantic Northeast has consistently experienced one of the slowest population growths in the nation. It had an overall population density of fewer than 4 persons per sq km (fewer than 10 per sq mi) in the late 1990s. Almost two-thirds of the populace live in a few moderately sized urban centers, largely port cities. The limited regional growth that has occurred took place as urbanites from the crowded Megalopolis area became increasingly attracted to the rural qualities the Atlantic Northeast. Many of these new arrivals often settled in small communities along the southern edges of the Atlantic Northeast, but commuted to jobs in Megalopolis.

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