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The California Region, Economy

California economy, chicken production, aerospace technology, aircraft manufacturing, Sierra Nevada

The California economy is robust and very diversified. The state leads the nation in agricultural production, relying heavily on irrigation. Principal crops include cotton, hay, citrus fruits, and vegetables. The making of wine is also a major industry. Dairy farming, as well as cattle and chicken production, are also important. Most of these endeavors are supported by irrigation, and aqueducts transfer much of the water from areas that receive more precipitation, such as the slopes of the Sierra Nevada.

In the southern part of the state, the main industries include aircraft manufacturing, oil refining, aerospace technology, electronics, printing and publishing, and the movie and entertainment industry. In the north, the economy is quite different, with an emphasis on high technology, government activities, and insurance and banking services. In both the north and the south, tourism is prominent, and Los Angeles and San Francisco are major convention destinations. In the Central Valley, food processing and transportation are important, with the larger cities serving as regional marketing centers.

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