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Oceania, American Samoa

American Samoa, unincorporated territory of the United States, formed by a group of seven islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, comprising Tutuila, on which a U.S. naval station is located; the Manua group, consisting of Tau, Olosega, and Ofu; Aunuu; Rose Island; and Swains Island. Privately owned Swains Island and uninhabited Rose Island are coral atolls; the other islands are mountainous and of volcanic formation. Tutuila, the largest island of the group, covers an area of 143 sq km (55 sq mi). In 1990 Tutuila's population was 45,043. Pago Pago (1990 population, 3,519), on Tutuila, is the seat of government of American Samoa and has one of the finest harbors in the South Pacific. The total area of American Samoa is 200 sq km (77 sq mi); in 2002 the population was estimated to be 68,688.

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