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Australian Literature, unique flora, continent of Australia, fauna, intonation

Australian Literature, literature written by English-speaking inhabitants of the continent of Australia.

Australian literature has developed certain well-defined qualities: a love of the vast, empty land, with its unique flora and fauna, a compelling sense of the worth of the common people, and freedom from the bondage of European traditions. Although the English language has not been radically transformed in Australia, it has undergone distinctive changes of style with colorful additions to vocabulary, about which Australians were once apologetic but which are now regarded as a dynamic and valuable contribution to the language. Indeed, several studies of Australian transformations of the English language have appeared. Some of these are short vocabulary lists, with a history of the first appearance and subsequent usage of a certain word or phrase; others are studies of the pronunciation or intonation that is peculiarly Australian.

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Australian Literature, unique flora, continent of Australia, fauna, intonation, common people, Australians, pronunciation, phrase, freedom, English language, land, appearance, love, history


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