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Palau, Land and Resources

Babelthuap, Angaur, fringing reef, Peleliu, Koror

The islands that make up Palau are encompassed by a fringing reef. The country has a land area of 488 sq km (188 sq mi). It extends more than 160 km (more than 100 mi) in a north-south direction and about 30 km (about 20 mi) from east to west. Nine of the larger islands are populated. Babelthuap, with an area of more than 337 sq km (more than 130 sq mi), is the largest. It is connected by bridge to Koror. In addition to Babelthuap and Koror, Palau's populated islands include Angaur, Kayangel, and Peleliu.

The larger islands are volcanic and have rich soils and ample water. The southernmost islands are small uplifted coral structures. Palau's climate is tropical and humid. The average high temperature is 27.5 C (81.5 F), with little seasonal variation. Annual rainfall is about 3,800 mm (about 150 in). Fish and other marine life are abundant, but there are few land animals.

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