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History, Provisional Presidents

Arturo Frondizi, Peronism, exiled leader, constitutional assembly, single party

In less than two months the Lonardi government was itself overthrown in a bloodless coup d’etat led by Major General Pedro Eugenio Aramburu. The announced reason for the revolt was the unwillingness of Lonardi to suppress Peronism, especially in the army and among the workers. Aramburu abrogated the 1949 constitution and restored the liberal charter of 1853. Under the latter, a president may not succeed himself. A Peronist revolt was crushed in June 1956. Thousands were arrested, and 38 alleged Peronistas were executed. Scores of people were subsequently imprisoned on charges of plotting to overthrow the new regime.

Elections to a constitutional assembly were held in July. The moderate Radical Party, headed by Ricardo Balbin, received the most votes, closely followed by the somewhat leftist Intransigent Radical Party under Arturo Frondizi. The Peronistas, forbidden to function as a party, were instructed by their exiled leader to cast blank ballots. Blanks, which were encouraged also by some minor groups, exceeded the votes of any single party and constituted about one-fourth of the total cast.

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Arturo Frondizi, Peronism, exiled leader, constitutional assembly, single party, new regime, army, Elections, constitution, Blanks, workers, president, function, Thousands, votes, months


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