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Rio Negro, capital of Brazil, Minas Gerais, commercial city, Porto Alegre

The largest city in Brazil is Sao Paulo, the main industrial center of the nation. Sao Paulo is also the largest city in South America, with an estimated population in 1996 of 9.8 million. The former capital, Rio de Janeiro, ranks second. It is an important port and commercial center. Other important cities include Salvador, the regional capital of the Northeast; Belo Horizonte, a major industrial and commercial city in Minas Gerais; and Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Each of these cities forms the core of a larger urban area. There are six other cities in Brazil with over 1 million inhabitants: Manaus, a port on the Rio Negro near its confluence with the Amazon; Belem, a northern port on the mouth of the Amazon; Fortaleza and Recife, along the northeast coast; and Curitiba and Porto Alegre in the south.

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