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forestry resources, refined sugar, Santiago, oil refineries, synthetics

The manufacturing sector (along with mining and construction) contributes 34 percent of Chile’s annual national output. Manufacturing is largely based on the refining and processing of the country’s mineral, agricultural, and forestry resources. Chile is a major South American producer of steel, with an annual output in the early 1990s of some 336,700 metric tons of ingots. Copper is also refined, and the several oil refineries use both domestic and imported petroleum. Other important manufactures include food products, cement, pulp and paper products, textiles (cotton, wool, and synthetics), tobacco products, glass, chemicals, refined sugar, and electronic equipment. The assembly of automobiles is also important. The bulk of the country’s manufacturing industry is located near Santiago and Valparaiso. Concepcion is the other major industrial center.

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forestry resources, refined sugar, Santiago, oil refineries, synthetics, tobacco products, pulp, paper products, wool, cotton, manufacturing sector, cement, food products, refining, textiles, electronic equipment, chemicals, mining, glass, processing, construction


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