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Samaca, Manizales, Panama hats, Medellin, imports

The manufacturing industries in Colombia, stimulated in the 1950s by the establishment of high protective tariffs on imports, are generally small-scale enterprises, producing for the domestic market. Together, they account for 14 percent of Colombia’s yearly national output. Cotton-spinning mills, principally in the cities of Barranquilla, Manizales, Medellin, and Samaca, are important manufacturing establishments. Other industries include the manufacture of foodstuffs, tobacco products, iron and steel, and transportation equipment. Chemical products are becoming increasingly important, and footwear, Panama hats, and glassware are made.

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Samaca, Manizales, Panama hats, Medellin, imports, tobacco products, glassware, transportation equipment, footwear, manufacturing industries, iron, Chemical products, steel


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