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Economy, Agriculture

alluvial soil, manioc, tropical fruits, Coconuts, citrus fruits

Agriculture accounts for 35 percent of the gross domestic product and employs 29 percent of the labor force. Sugar, its by-products, and rice account for most of the agricultural exports; 3 million metric tons of sugarcane and 540,000 metric tons of rice were produced in 2001. Coconuts, coffee, cacao, citrus fruits, corn, manioc, and other tropical fruits and vegetables are grown primarily for home consumption. Large areas of rough pasture exist in the interior savannas. Substantial numbers of cattle, hogs, sheep, and chickens are raised.

Cultivation is confined almost entirely to the narrow coastal strip of rich, alluvial soil. Agricultural expansion requires heavy expenditures for protection against flooding and for drainage and irrigation, because part of the strip is below the high-tide mark of the sea and rivers and because of the heavy seasonal rainfall. The government of Guyana is making efforts to increase the amount of land available for cultivation through reclamation projects.

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alluvial soil, manioc, tropical fruits, Coconuts, citrus fruits, cacao, hogs, Cultivation, gross domestic product, land available, corn, rivers, flooding, sheep, irrigation, drainage, vegetables, percent, coffee, by-products, efforts, protection


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