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Gran Chaco, capybaras, black ducks, tapirs, partridges

The plants and animals of Paraguay are substantially the same as neighboring South American countries. Paraguay proper, where rainfall is heavy, is covered by dense evergreen forests interspersed with a wide variety of tropical grasses, ferns, palms, and exotic flowers. In the Gran Chaco, vegetation is comparatively sparse but includes the red quebracho tree, a rich source of tannin extract. The plains are covered by coarse tropical reeds, grasses, and stunted trees.

The animals of Paraguay include armadillos, capybaras (a type of large rodent), tapirs, jaguars, anteaters, wild boar, deer, alligators, and various species of snake. Among the local birds are toucans, ibis, herons, parrots, black ducks, partridges, American ostriches, rheas, and parakeets. Many of these birds exhibit strikingly beautiful plumage.

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Gran Chaco, capybaras, black ducks, tapirs, partridges, exotic flowers, alligators, ibis, herons, parrots, wild boar, ferns, palms, jaguars, plains, deer, rainfall, vegetation, plants


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